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C.B.C. Commodities Bio Consulting conducts research and development and consulting activities in the field of commodities (raw materials), with a focus on vegetable oils, biofuels and renewable energies.

The main focus of the company’s operations is on the collection of UCO (Used Coocking Oil), Oleine from refining processes and POME.

Our expertise

CBC has been active in the raw materials sector since 2016, and thanks to an in-depth knowledge also of their origins, it helps manufacturers select the most suitable products for their plants and save on purchasing, through its supply and consultancy services.


We work with farmers and vegetable waste collectors, supporting them with personalized services.


Our main feature is to provide solutions taylor made solutions while also having special options available for larger companies.


Once an order is received, we strive to deliver speedily. Our motto is we try harder to make it better.

Ethics and Compliance

Since 2016, when Pietro Marseglia founded the company, we have acted on the conviction that doing the right thing the right way is the key to long-term success.

Today our team remains equally committed to this belief, and we know that our customers and partners count on us to deliver on this commitment.

We strive for a fair planet, with a green approach and sustainable reuse of raw materials.

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