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Our Team

We work closely with our customers to create customised, naturally sourced solutions to meet consumer preferences.

Our innovation and expertise is helping people to live healthier and more sustainable lives, and thanks to companies like CBC Commodities Bio Consulting people can breathe cleaner air, because our mission is to reduce C02 worldwide by selling products that ensure lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Pietro Marseglia


Alba Scuccimarra

Sustainability Manager

Milena Lolli

Administration, Finance and Control (AFC)

Alessandro D’Ernesto

Administration Finance and Control (AFC) and Logistics Manager

Francesco D’Ernesto

Administration Finance and Control (AFC) and Logistics Manager

Sofia Talamonti

Commercial manager


Abbes Benasi

Ethics and Compliance

Since 2016, when Pietro Marseglia founded the company, we have acted on the conviction that doing the right thing the right way is the key to long-term success.

Today, our team remains equally committed to this belief, and we know that our customers and partners count on us to deliver on this commitment.

Code of Conduct

The CBC Code of Conduct outlines our company’s ethical and compliance standards for conducting business around the world and serves as a guide for employees when they face dilemmas where the right choice is unclear, always using the ‘Grandfathering Clause’ first.

Our Code is based on our seven Guiding Principles, which are embedded in our culture and serve as the basis for the behaviour expected of all our employees in all parts of the world.

Code of Conduct

CBC’s aim is to feed the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. We understand that the supply chains that support the global system of plant raw materials and waste must be sustainable, balancing the needs of today with the needs of future generations.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct explains how we expect farmers, producers, collectors, rendering companies to work with us to achieve this, ethically and in compliance with applicable laws.

We power your business with clean energy.

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